Elizabeth Holmes offers to report to prison on May 30th

Apparently, the reality sets in for convicted felon Elizabeth "Call me Liz" Holmes. A court document filed today requested a reporting date of May 30th be set for her to begin serving her 11-year sentence. Holmes will use the two weeks to get her affairs in order. Maybe she thought the string of appeals and bizarre coverage in the New York Times would save her.

I wonder what persona she will adopt to survive in prison?


A date for Holmes to report to prison was not included in the order. However, in a new court document filed Wednesday, Holmes asked the district court to set a new reporting date of May 30 so that she could get personal affairs in order.

"Ms. Holmes is preparing to report to the Bureau of Prisons," Holmes court filing states. "These preparations include out-of-state travel to her Bureau of Prisons facility and medical and child-care arrangements in anticipation of beginning her 135-month sentence."

Holmes' prison sentence represents approximately 14% of the maximum allowable time of 80 years that sentencing guidelines technically permit for her four fraud convictions. Each of those charges allowed for a sentence of up to 20 years, along with $250,000 in fines, plus restitution.