Idiot middle school teacher allowed student to wear KKK costume for class presentation

A Pulaski County, Kentucky middle school teacher has been suspended after allowing a student to wear a KKK costume to class as part of an extra credit history assignment. The class was instructed to propose a historical figure they'd dress as and present about. This particular student selected the first "Grand Wizard" of the KKK and, yep, the teacher approved the idea. Video posted by students to social media showed the young fellow wearing the robes on the school bus in the morning. From LEX18:

"It sickens me that this has occurred," [Pulaski County superintendent Patrick] Richardson told LEX18. "It embarrassed not only me but our school district and community. I'm angered by the lack of thoughtfulness that went into this situation."

He said they will work as hard as they can to rectify the situation.

While the student who wore the costume will not face disciplinary action because they were given permission, other school personnel will speak to them about why the teacher's decision was not appropriate, Richardson said.

Seems like someone might also have a conversation with Jaxson Clark, another eighth grader in the class who, with his mother's permission, spoke up in support of the teacher.

"There was no racist movement behind it," Clark said. "I mean there was Black kids in the classroom, they all thought it was good. Nobody felt targeted."

Talk about a missed teachable moment…