Logitech to sell spare parts through iFixit

I have a broken mouse. The scroll-wheel doesn't scroll, though it does at least middle-click. It's not broken enough to be inoperable, but it's too broken to use without being annoying, and I expected to throw it away as soon as I could replace it. But today I read that Logitech is going to start selling spare parts through iFixit, and was intrigued at the possibility I might repair my mouse!

"Making spare parts available and designing more-repairable devices are the best things manufacturers can do to make their products sustainable," said Elizabeth Chamberlain, Director of Sustainability at iFixit. "We've been working with Logitech to develop designs that make it easier for people to fix their stuff. And now, we're thrilled by the opportunity to help get Logitech repair parts to people around the world. To give a healthy planet to the next generation, we need to keep our things working for as long as possible, reduce our demand for raw materials, and cut down the amount of e-waste we're generating. It's wonderful to see Logitech working towards those goals, and we're beyond happy to do what we can to help."

Just not that mouse, sadly…

The iFixit Logitech Repair Hub will be the source for genuine replacement parts and batteries for our chosen launch products of Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mouse models. Parts will be available as standalone or in Fix Kits that contain everything needed to complete a repair such as the replacement part, tools, and a precision bit set. Genuine Logitech replacement parts for these devices will become available for purchase starting this summer in the US.