Marjorie Taylor Greene stumped by human rights advisor during House hearing

In a remarkable display during a recent House Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing, Georgia's rotten peach Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her right-wing extremist views, found herself corrected by Amy Spitalnick, a senior advisor on extremism at Human Rights First.

The hearing took a turn when Spitalnick pointed out a chilling fact. "In 2022, every single politically motivated murder was committed by a right-wing extremist," she asserted.

Clearly taken aback, Greene, who habitually champions such extremists, misconstrued the statement, echoing, "Every single murder in America was committed by a right-wing extremist?" Spitalnick, undeterred, clarified that she was referring specifically to politically motivated murders.

Spotting a perceived chance to discredit Spitalnick, Greene jumped in, "Are you sure about that? Are you aware that the Tennessee shooter just recently, she identified as a man and she was a biological woman — was she a right-wing extremist as well?"

"So that was a shooting that happened in 2023," said Spitalnick. "There is no evidence as to what ideology motivated that shooting."

Kudos to Spitalnick for demonstrating remarkable constraint in the face of Greene's toxic blend of stupidity and mendacity.