Chart of women registering to vote after Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade spells trouble for GOP

Last June, the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, giving individual states the power to make their own abortion laws. This chart shows a large increase in the percentage of voter registrations by women after the decision.

From Jay Kuo's newsletter:

The vertical line is the Dobbs decision. Women versus men voter registrations in 2022 spiked at that point and stayed high all the way through November.

That is a very clear indication that women voters were motivated and intended to turn out in high numbers. As red-state legislatures across the country continue to ban or severely restrict abortion access, we will likely see women voters increasingly angry and ready to unleash that anger at the polls.

When we see women and youth voters registering and turning out in record numbers, that isn't a flash in the pan. Voters who get engaged in politics tend to stay engaged. The GOP understands this, so it is desperate to keep young people, minorities and women from fully exercising the franchise. 

It's no surprise some members of the GOP want to strip voting rights from people under the age of 25.