Rep. Clay Higgins manhandled protestor at a Gosar and Boebert event: "Get off me! You're hurting me!" (video)

Congressman Clay Higgins (R–LA) didn't take kindly to an activist who was questioning Rep. Paul Gosar (R–AZ) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R–CO) at a Capitol press conference yesterday, so the lawmaker — a far-right extremist — took matters into his own hand and aggressively pushed and manhandled the guy for over 25 seconds. Which is a long time when someone keeps lifting you with their arms wrapped around your waist repeating, "You're out, you're out, you're out."

Aren't you a congressperson, touching me?" the protester, 25-year-old Jake Burdett, can be heard saying in captured footage. "Get off me! You're hurting me!" (See video below, posted by Kristy Fogle PA-C.)

However, it was not the cop-turned-lawmaker (and friend of the Oath Keepers) who was questioned after the physical assault, but rather it was the activist who DC Police detained, according to Burdett in his post below (see his tweet at bottom of post). According to HuffPost, Burdett said he is "absolutely prepared to press charges."

Front page thumbnail image: Midjourney / Boing Boing