Cyclist tries to drive over moving drawbridge, learns it's a bad idea

I watched this video from the Sandford Police Twitter account that shows a cyclist who decided to ignore lowered safety arms and beat a moving drawbridge, only to plunge into the yawning gap left by the rising road.

Ouch! That looks bad, I thought, a painful instance of "fuck around and find out."

Sandford Police's commentary on the unfortunate incident was perplexing: "We have passed an investigation to the Health and Safety Executive after this innocent cyclist nearly suffered serious injury after a bridge malfunction."

Huh? Did I misread what had happened? The cyclist's innocence seemed debatable, as their antics smacked more of reckless abandon than victimhood.

Other commentators were equally puzzled. Then I looked at Sanford Police's Twitter feed and realized it's a parody account, an artful curator of humorous takes on varied videos.

The comments on the feed remind me of Phil Hendrie, a radio show host who plays himself as well as an outrageous guest, prompting unwitting listeners to call in and vent their outrage.

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