Fox News and Infowars rant against "climate extremists" and expose the "globalist agenda" to "force humanity to eat bugs"

On May 13, 2023, CBS Saturday Morning ran a perfectly innocuous ninety-second clip, entitled "Why insects as food helps the environment," discussing how farming insects to feed livestock is more environmentally sustainable than the current practice of using soybeans for feed. Leave it to the folks at Infowars and Fox News to absolutely lose their minds, though.

Will Cain at Fox News completely mispresented the CBS clip, to absolutely nobody's surprise, claiming that CBS is forwarding the agenda of "climate extremists" who, according to Cain, want to "ban meat because cow farts are supposedly causing global warming?" He goes on: "So if we can't get our protein from beef, where do we get it? Scientists say they found the solution [looks at an image of bugs on the screen]—ugh." He also claims that the CBS segment is about "how eating bugs could help fight climate change," although the clip is specifically about feeding bugs to livestock, not humans. The CBS clip even explicitly states that the scientists they are interviewing aren't "pushing to get the critters on your plates." But Cain doesn't care what the clip is actually saying, because he responds, sarcastically: "Cockroach burgers? Insect steaks? Yum." In the rest of the Fox News segment, Will Cain and "Fox News medical contributor" Dr. Marc Siegal discuss how gross they think eating insects is.

Next, over at Infowars, we get to learn how "mainstream media outlets continue doing the bidding of globalist groups like the WEF." They go on:

During a recent segment on "CBS Saturday Morning," the network promoted adding insects into the food supply in America to somehow combat climate change.

Is there a better way to wake up than with a mainstream media morning program where you get encouraged to ingest crickets and maggots?

Remember, this is all propaganda being trickled down from the globalists in control of groups like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.

Infowars has been at the forefront of exposing the agenda to force humanity to eat the bugs.

None of this disinformation is a surprise, of course. It's just sad to see how blatant it is. I guess I'm part of the globalists pushing the agenda to force humanity to eat bugs, though, 'cause I do love me some delicious chapulines, and I always encourage people I know to try them if they ever find them on a menu!