Here's what life in federal prison will be like for Elizabeth Holmes

Con artist Elizabeth Holmes is headed for prison at the end of the month, and it looks like she end up at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas, not too far from where she lived as a child in Houston. The BBC outlined what life will probably look like for the fraudster, who once commanded the attention of the rich and famous.

Inmates are typically housed in dormitory-style two-person bunk beds, and four to eight person cubicles, according to Pink Lady Prison Consultants, a prison consulting group led by formerly incarcerated people.

Life at the federal facility is centred around work and extracurricular programmes, the prison handbook says.

All inmates are expected to work, and earn between 12 cents and $1.15 (£0.90) an hour for their jobs. Many are involved in food service and factory work.

Additionally, if Holmes isn't a natural early riser, she will soon learn to become one. Inmates who don't get up at the appointed 6 AM rollcall will be slapped with a fine.