Rising social star: 4-year-old rapper VanVan

At just 4 years old, Savannah "VanVan" McConneaughey has emerged as a rapper sensation, having gone viral with her videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Rapping about her favorite subjects like the alphabet and playing outside, VanVan shares her enthusiasm in an NPR interview: "I like to rap about my ABCs and 1-2-3s. And it makes me happy." Her dad, Reggie McConneaughey, serves as her hype man and collaborator. Reggie describes their collaborative process with in the interview, saying, "I just kind of give her a subject like, hey, rap about this. You know, she just kind of comes up with what she says."

Reggie and Kenjna, VanVan's mom, are aware of the challenges associated with child stardom and are determined to approach it cautiously. Reggie explains, "We kind of pray about some things and just let God lead us in the right direction. We don't want to jump on anything, be too hasty because right now we're just having fun." As VanVan's star continues to rise, she has several exciting projects in the pipeline, including recording her first single "Playing Outside Every Day" and attending a red carpet event for a movie that she appears in.


Being a child star isn't easy, but the family is aware. Other children have gone viral on social media and they reach incomparable levels of fame and recognition that come with side effects like pressure to produce and exhaustion. VanVan's parents are making sure that they maintain their daughter's innocence as they navigate this business and new territory as a family by paying attention to her needs.

"We listen to her because we don't want to push her into something and she doesn't even want to do this," her mom tells Complex. "We know she wants to be an actress. We know that she likes to dance and sing and be an entertainer. We are going to continue to push her as much as she wants to be pushed."