Trump Jr. announces"non-woke" magazine for manly men like him

On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. announces his non-woke Mens' Magazine, Field Ethos. It's definitely a real thing you can pay $15 for and not a Photoshop Phriday challenge.

The premier lifestyle publication for the unapologetic man is here. Enjoy a mix of modern adventure, historical context and perspectives forged through global travel while staying current with the latest products that elevate an unapologetic life.

So pour a drink, sit back, and let Field Ethos Journal 2023 Volume 2 inspire you to create your own stories.

By subscribing, you will be billed quarterly and receive four issues per year.

The blurb is so bland an AI could have cranked it out, but a camera was required for the cover and the writing appears to be by humans. The content is in the "blog posts dressed up to look like magazine features" tradition, where the hero image and headline posture makes you think you're getting thousands of words but there are only hundreds. The posts are about things like defending cat-killing competitions for children and reviews of telescopic gun sights. The pitch is Soldier of Fortune with an EDC vibe, but the reality is fantasists and failsons. It's the story of contemporary American conservatism.