'An Introvert's Guide to a Party' suggests hiding in the bathroom

Introverted but somehow always end up at a party? This New Yorker video, created by Kathryn Kvas and Vignesh Seshadri, may hold valuable information for you. In "An Introvert's Guide to a Party," they share lighthearted tips and tricks to successfully navigating a social gathering. (Incidentally, the video, which I think is targeted to Gen-Z humor, kind of gives off a "Between Two Ferns" vibe.)

Its caption begins, "With so many fun things to do in the bathroom, who would want to leave?" And leave the bathroom, Kathryn, who stars in the short, does not. Instead, she turns it into her private oasis amid the chaos of the party, seeking refuge from the bustling crowd outside.

In this "cool hangout spot," Kathryn catches up on her reading, makes some origami, and, well, just watch. For the record, I have introverted ways and would never consider testing out someone else's retainer, not even in the name of humor or social avoidance. For the record.