Dutch bicycling marching band debuts in the U.S. with spectacular festival performances

Wearing traditional Volendam costumes, including wooden clogs, renowned Dutch Bicycle Showband Crescendo performed for the first time in the United States at Holland, Michigan's Tulip Time festival. Now, this marching band is more like a riding band because, for the most part, they play their instruments while riding around on bicycles—traditional Dutch bikes, no less!

At Hope College's stadium field on May 12, the band played six performances set to familiar tunes like Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and the Mission Impossible theme.

This is what the band had to say about their experience playing in America:

We were able to give 6 half hour full programs to the American people in this stadium. From Friday to Sunday it was FULL six times!

What an enthusiastic audience and after that there was room for 'picture time'. People that came from many different states and some drove 10 hours to see our show.

Incredible and overwhelming crowd ! 🏟️

Thanks America! 🙌🏼