Boebert mad Target is selling clothes designed to fit the people who want to wear them

Swimwear always seems controversial in the United States. Generally, the complaint is that swimsuits do not hide enough. What could be wrong with a swimsuit specifically made to hide body parts? Leave it to today's Christian Fascists to find a way!

Conservative a-holes are aflame over Target's new line of swimwear aimed at folks who want to keep some parts out of sight. Target joins an ever-growing group of US corporations marketing to transgender people. Expanding their audience is a way to sell more stuff. As Target is marketing "tuck-friendly" swimwear, it means enough people are looking for "tuck-friendly" swimwear to warrant the shelf space. That is all.

Unsurprisingly a politician who would like people to look at something other than her personal life, Lauren Boebert has hopped on the anti-swimwear bandwagon. Denying an affair with a country singer, the Colorado congressperson would rather we focus on where she shops, not speculate about where she sleeps.