Handprints of child laborers discovered on roof tiles at Victorian era construction site

While stripping a London roof built in the early 1800s, a UK construction company, Touchstone Surrey, uncovered artifacts of child labor: roof tiles imprinted by the hands of young children. The company shared a video of the tiles, juxtaposing an adult roofer's hand against the impressions left on the tiles, speculating that the child workers were likely as young as seven years old.

One commenter shared, "Turns out the factories in the midlands that made the tiles were full of children as they didn't have to pay them much and families needed the money. The kids started off as mould runners then eventually when they'd done their time would move onto setting the moulds/making the tiles, so yep kids made roof tiles in the 1800's."

Another quipped, "This is what should be in the British Museum. Not stolen artifacts from colonized countries."