Inmate breaks through prison wall, to get to other inmate he wanted to attack

Kavian Thomas, an inmate in Georgia, allegedly broke through a wall in a Fulton County jail to gain access to another inmate he wanted to stab.

Thomas stabbed Russell multiple times once he successfully entered Russell's cell, according to the release. Russell sustained "superficial stab wounds to his upper body" and was treated in the medical unit of the jail for his injuries, officials said

A lot of commentary on this assumes that he spent endless days grinding through the wall Shawshank-style to get to the guy, helped by headlines using words like "tunnel," but it looks more like he bashed through a crumbling 3-inch concrete block in minutes. It's a story about the terrible state of our prisons and I can't help but think the only outcome of it is to help the industry fence off more taxpayer money without requiring them to do anything about that.