Listen to "Dave Don't Snore," which features Dave, snoring

Meet Dave, a man from Mars, Pennsylvania whose wife recorded him snoring and posted it on Spotify as a track called "Dave Don't Snore." Dave, who describes himself as "Just a Dave," tweeted:

I laughed out loud when my wife said she'd uploaded my snore onto Spotify. I stopped laughing when I saw how many were listening. I need an agent.

Now, a few years later, the original "Dave Don't Snore" has been played 800,000 times, and the instrumental version has been played over 150,000. I've taken a listen to both, and they are, weirdly, not terrible. The same Spotify account, "The Duck of Mischief," has also posted a song called "Dave Also Plays a Mean Flute," which is also really not bad. I mean, Dave really does play a mean flute. I kinda love it.