Marjorie Taylor Greene pays $100,000 for Kevin McCarthy's used lip balm

Everyone's favorite MAGAt, Marjorie Taylor Greene, just agreed to pay $100,000 for Kevin McCarthy's used lip balm, which was being auctioned off at a GOP conference meeting at the Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday morning. The lip balm was auctioned off as a package deal which included a visit with McCarthy for the lucky winner. The Hill explains:

Greene placed the $100,000 bid only after McCarthy upped the value of the lip balm by also offering a visit with the winner's donors and supporters, her office confirmed to The Hill. 

Greene also retweeted reporting that other Republican members, including Rep. Jason Smith (Mo.) and Rep. Stephanie Bice (Okla.), also placed bids, and that she would donate the $100,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

That's a lot of dough for disgusting used lip balm.  As MizzMorticia commented on the Hill's Instagram post about the winning bid: 

Well that's an interesting way to get around the law that senators can only accept $2000 for appearances