Self-appointed governor Kari Lake loses again in court, teases "big announcement"

Following a failure in her bid for the role of Arizona's governor, the delusional conspiracy theorist Kari Lake promptly appointed herself as the governor. She then proceeded to flood the courts with multiple lawsuits, desperately trying to prove she was the rightful steward of the state.

Despite her efforts, the courts have consistently issued rulings that reject her fanciful claims. Last night Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dealt Lake another blow. He ruled with unambiguous clarity that Lake failed to produce "clear and convincing evidence or a preponderance of evidence" of any misconduct in the election process.

With the doors of justice closing on her, Lake gave us a peek at her next grand adventure in a tweet, "Big announcement tomorrow!" It would seem she's determined to go another round, ready to throw her hat in the political ring, experience defeat, and yet again claim to be the hapless victim of fraud. It's a curious way to make a living.