Ordinary cyclist cheered on after accidentally taking active Giro d'Italia race route


When you accidentally join the Giro d'Italia 😅 (via 53x11podcast/TW)

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Italy's big multi-week cycling race, the Giro d'Italia, is underway and an everyday cyclist accidentally found herself in the thick of it. A clip from cycling podcast 53×11 captured a woman becoming the center of attention as she inadvertently joined the race route—oops!

The crowd, who was expecting professional cyclists to come around the bend, cheered her on enthusiastically. The unidentified woman first smiled when she realized the mistake and then put a scarf over her face in embarrassment.

The caption on the video reads (translated from Italian), "This would have been the coolest thing you could have seen today on the #giro , then came Vaughters, Pinot and Armstrong #BeKind," referring to racers Jonathan Vaughters, Thibaut Pinot and Lance Armstrong.