The final Flash trailer does its best to try and convince you that there's more to the movie than Batman

Warner Brothers Discovery is gearing up for the last leg of its promotional tour for The Flash, with the final trailer for the troubled film linked above. 

For those of you that aren't familiar with the character, I can assure you that The Flash is actually pretty awesome. The character has arguably the greatest rogues gallery in comics, a rich supporting cast, and a robust mythology equivalent to any great superhero. I only say all of that because, if you were to judge by the promotional material from the upcoming Flash movie, you'd probably think that the character only exists to make Batman look even cooler than he already does. 

On the one hand, Ezra Miller's laundry list of allegedly criminal antics left Warner Brothers Discovery with no choice but to focus most of the film's promotion on Batman, but, on the other hand, the movie is still called The Flash. Thankfully, the marketing team gives the Scarlett Speedster a smidgen of the limelight in the final trailer.