The history of Doc Martens iconic boots and why they now suck

Many of my Gen X contemporaries and I enjoyed a phase where Doc Martens were our primary shoe-of-choice, if not the only ones we had in our repertoire. While in a dotcom startup, I wore black Doc Martens and burgundy Doc Martens. They worked with black and blue jeans, so choosing between the two pairs was easy. This continued until I discovered Fleuvog's in the late 90s, and then I started to dress like a circus clown.

I never felt the attachment to the Docs that I still maintain for Vans or Converse. I see a Doc Martens retail boutique on a very fancy shopping street near me, but can't imagine paying for boots that aren't motorcycle safe. There is also a pair of burgundy Docs that look nearly new in the window of a local thrift shop. They haven't gone anyplace.

This video covers the history and current construction of Doc Martens boots. The history is great; the boots are not quality.

Most of my motorcycle boot wear these days are a pair of Rokkers, but I also love my Gasolina boots.

Featured Image: YouTube