Tradle is like Wordle but for economics

If you're eager to get in on the Daily Puzzle Game trend, but are better with foreign & domestic export products than 5-letter words, then Tradle is the game for you! It's sort of like everyone's beloved Wordle, but instead of guessing words, you're presented with a breakdown of one country's GDP, and have to guess which country it is.

Like Wordle, Tradle offers some hints when you get things wrong. But in this case:

After each guess, you will have the distance, the direction and the proximity from your guess and the target country.

By way of example, here's how the "How To Play" illustrates it:

Or, an example of my own gameplay from the other day (I didn't read the directions, and just sort of picked random countries, instead of being serious, so please don't judge me). Here is the GDP I was presented with:

And here were my not-so-serious guesses:

Tradle is created by Boston-based programmer Alexander Simoes. Try it for yourself.