What should Ron DeSantis use for his campaign song? Here are the winners so far

Yesterday, Ron DeSantis released an uninspired, blurry video that teased his 2024 presidential campaign announcement. And the music was a bore too, so the Lincoln Project reposted part of the video (see below), asking viewers for a better song — one that would more accurately describe Florida's anti-democratic, bigoted fascist-in-chief. They are offering a free mug to the best responses.

Some of the answers so far that could definitely be contenders to win the prize:

The Mickey Mouse Club theme song
Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Warren Zevon)
Loser (Beck)
The Pudding Song (Barney the dinosaur)
Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)
I'm a Loser (The Beatles)
Nowhere Man (The Beatles)
Lonesome Loser (Little River Band)

But the song that came up multiple times in the comments section that I place my bet on:
Creep (Radiohead)

Front page thumbnail image: Hunter Crenian / shutterstock.com