Barbie must decide between high heels and Birkenstocks in wild new 'Barbie' trailer

The main trailer for the much-anticipated Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, dropped today. Where to start…?! It seems Barbie (Margot Robbie) is having an existential crisis sparked by discovering that she has, gulp, flat feet. Yes, her signature stiletto-ready feet have gone flat, shaking our blonde protagonist's plastic world.

With the Indigo Girls blasting, Barbie has a choice to make: go back to her old life (high heels) or learn the truth about the universe (Birkenstocks)?

It gets weirder from there…


So Barbie is about a fantasy world where Barbie dolls live in blissful ignorance and then one (Robbie) has an existential crisis forcing her to go to the real world which, we think, created and sold her. And there's some conspiracy that Mattel knows the toys are alive somewhere? Is that kind of what we're getting at here? Also Barbie gets arrested multiple times, fights off sexual harassers, and Ken is a misogynist? Plus, there's literally a chase sequence in the Mattel offices. I mean, we knew this movie was going to be wild but this is just beyond.

Barbie opens July 21 in theaters.