Buy the "Cheers" bar. Or buy the original Batman and Robin costumes from the 1960s.

A collector is selling a mind-blowing set of television artifacts at Heritage Auctions. If you've got a few hundred grand (or more?) and a guest room, you might be interested some of the high-ticket auctions. You can view what "The Comisar Collection" has up for bid here.

But hurry: bidding ends next week.

I really recommend scrolling through the hundreds of items on sale; it's fascinating.

As of this writing, bidding on the actual Adam West/Burt Ward performance-worn Batman and Robin costumes from the 1966 TV show is up to $500,000. Here.

You can buy the actual "Cheers" bar. Here.

How about the actual set of Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show"? Here. "Late Night with David Letterman"? Here.

The actual set of "All in the Family." Here.

The items up for sale goes on and on, from these massive ensembles down to some pretty affordable (at the time of this writing) items that still seem like pretty significant pieces of television history.

Like David Cassidy's signature red satin jacket and pink satin flame motif pants from performances in "The Partridge Family." Only $195 as of this writing. Here. Some items are $1 as of this writing.

Okay one more big one: The actual William Shatner-worn Captain James T. Kirk gold "Star Trek" tunic from Season One. Here. Wow.

Hat tip: Mark Evanier's News from Me blog