How to build a Magic AI Storybook with a Raspberry Pi and ChatGPT

The Magic AI Storybook combines technology, storytelling, and craft to create a book that generates an unlimited number of stories. It uses a Raspberry Pi running ChatGPT connected to a seven-inch touchscreen and a few accessories, like a magnetic reed switch, a NeoPixel indicator light, a 7-inch touchscreen, and a USB microphone. Together, these components form an interactive book that responds to voice commands.

To put together the Magic AI Storybook, you need some electronics knowledge and materials such as wires, soldering tools, craft foam, magnets, and 3D printing supplies. The code for the project was written by Melissa LeBlanc-Williams, and Erin St Blaine crafted the physical book. They have provided a tutorial at Adafruit with instructions on how to assemble the book and customize its design with book corners and 3D-printed symbols.

You can add your own story templates or use the pre-loaded ones from the tutorial. Just speak your chosen story prompt into the USB microphone, and ChatGPT will generate a unique story based on your input.