Hungry gentleman shoots roommate in buttocks for taking the last frozen Hot Pockets snack

A 64-year-old Kentucky man is accused of grabbing his gun and shooting his roommate in the ass over a Hot Pocket sandwich — or lack of said sangie, as it were. Apparently, the roommate had dared to eat the last "four cheese pizza" snack, which angered gun-owner Clifton Williams immensely.

Upon finding the empty frozen-food box, Williams allegedly fell into a rage, at first throwing tiles at his roomie. But when that only caused the roommate to fight back and then walk away, the hungry gentleman reportedly took matters (as in his gun) into his own hand.

From NBC News:

The roommate, who has not been named, sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the weekend shooting, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Clifton Williams, 64, was arrested early Sunday and charged with second-degree assault, police said. On Monday, he pleaded not guilty, according to NBC News affiliate WAVE of Louisville. …

According to a police citation, the two roommates had a physical fight over the frozen sandwich. …

Williams got a gun and followed the roommate outside, where he shot him in the buttocks, the police document said.

Williams is scheduled to be back in court May 30 for a preliminary hearing.

Williams could face 5–10 years in jail if convicted of second-degree assault in Kentucky, according to NBC.