MAGA man actually believes 2.6 million lives saved by "blow Joe" gun owners — until Google chimes in

An indoctrinated MAGA man believing the hype at an NRA convention tried to defend the "fact" that guns are superheroes in America. But Google — along with Jason Selvig of the Good Liars — proved him wrong (see video below).

"Do you realize that 2.6 million lives are saved in the United States every year by everyday 'blow Joe' [sic] like me that might want to carry a weapon?" the confused gentleman asked.

And when Selvig did the obvious thing, highly doubting the GOP-sponsored propaganda, the gun enthusiast challenged him. "I'm just telling you. Fact check it if you don't believe me."

So Selvig accepted the challenge, whipping out his phone. At this point the man, sporting a camouflage backpack, began to backpedal, saying it might not be exactly 2.6 million, but… He and Selvig settled on 1.5 million, but …

When Selvig presented Google's finding, saying, "It's false," the NRA enthusiast retorted with MAGA's stock answer: "Well …" accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders. Onto the next Qult claim…

Front page thumbnail image: The Good Liars (screengrab)