Marjorie Taylor Greene demands "decorum of the House" — and gets explosive laughter in return (video)

Georgia's Congressbully Marjorie Taylor Greene thought she was boss as she held the gavel and told her co-reps "to abide by decorum of the House." To which the entire room exploded in loud, unrestrained laughter. And no matter how many times Marge banged her gavel, the laughter would not stop — until it turned to jeers.

"The House will be in order!" said the out-of-control lawmaker, who is known for her own consistently decorous behavior, such as the time she heckled President Biden during his State of the Union Address, and all the multiple times she stalked and harassed colleague Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz on Capitol Hill. The belligerent Greene tried again, firmly banging her gavel as she repeated, "The House will be in order!" But by then the room was so loudly ignoring her, it was as if the conspiracy theorist-turned laughingstock had just imagined she was in charge.

(See video below, posted by No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen.)

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney