Florida man in cat costume stabbed roommate who allegedly hurt his cat

Gainesville, Florida police charged Omar Gutierrez, 32, with first-degree attempted murder for stabbing his roommate. Curiously, Gutierrez was wearing a cat costume at the time. When the roommate asked Gutierrez why he attacked him, Gutierrez reportedly said: "It was instinctual."

From WCJB:

According to the arrest report, the victim was in his room on Tuesday, when Omar Gutierrez, 32, walked up behind him wearing a cat costume. Gutierrez then plunged a knife into the back of his roommate's neck[…]

When detectives spoke with the victim in the hospital, he explained that Gutierrez said a week earlier he was "not above killing" the victim. Gutierrez claimed the roommate hurt his cat, which he denies.

(via Fark)