US giving away free lighthouses to groups who will take care of them

The United States General Services Administration is giving away lighthouses to non-profits, educational organizations, and other groups who will care for them. GPS technology has made the beacons mostly obsolete but the structures are historically significant and often popular tourist destinations. In addition to the freebies, the GSA is also auctioning off lighthouses in Cleveland, Ohio (above); Fairfield, Connecticut; Long Island Sound; and elsewhere. Previously, some of the lighthouses sold were transformed into private homes. From The Guardian:

The GSA has been transferring ownership of lighthouses since Congress passed the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act in 2000. About 150 lighthouses have been transferred, 80 or so given away and another 70 auctioned, raising more than $10m.

This year, six lighthouses are being offered at no cost to federal, state or local government agencies, non-profits, educational organizations or other entities that are willing to maintain and preserve them and make them publicly available for educational, recreational or cultural purposes[…]

"Some are already maintained by non-profits, and those agencies will have the opportunity to apply to continue doing do," [the GSA's John] Kelly said.

If a new owner is not found, the lighthouse is offered for competitive bidding at auction.