Check out this footage of a retro Ultraman video game

It always felt like Ultraman never became as, pardon the pun, big as it should have been in the West. On the surface, Ultraman seemingly has everything that an American audience would want. Although they're massive in their homeland of Japan, kaiju films have always enjoyed a sizable fandom in the States. Having a franchise like Ultraman that could create mountains of kaiju merch sounds like it was tailor-made for Hollywood and their obsession with all things toyetic.

In addition to the monsters, Ultraman himself is a superhero. That's a license to print money right there. Oh, and the show is pretty awesome too. That has to count for something, right? 

Well, if you happen to be an Ultraman fan from the West, you can check out the video linked above for an awesome, retro Japanese video game featuring the eponymous superhero that you probably never got a chance to play.