Chinese influencer dies shortly after live-streaming himself downing bottles of potent liquor in challenge

A prominent Chinese social media influencer, known as "Sanqiange" or "Brother Three Thousand," has died after live-streaming himself consuming several bottles of Baijiu, a high-proof Chinese spirit. The influencer, whose real name is Wang, reportedly took part in a competitive drinking challenge on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, against another influencer. State-run media report his death occurred only a few hours post the online event.

The challenge was part of a popular online trend known as "PK," in which influencers compete head-to-head for viewer gifts and rewards, often imposing penalties for the loser. According to Shangyou News, Wang had participated in this live-streamed challenge in the early hours of May 16. A close friend of Wang's, known only as Zhao, told the media outlet that he saw Wang finish three bottles of Baijiu and start a fourth during the later part of the broadcast.

Yahoo! News:

Wang, described as a "decent and straightforward" person by Zhao, had a history of filming himself taking part in similar contests involving alcohol and posting them on the app.

A video appearing to show Wang taking part in his final challenge went viral on Chinese social media, but is no longer available for viewing.

One commenter reports:

I've once used chinese baijiu to remove sharpie marker from my mailbox. That's how strong it is.

It's so strong, that it's imported to the US as a cooking spirit. First is to skirt the liquor duty, but also because nobody in their right mind would recklessly chug it down (at least without a life insurance policy). Don't mess with baijiu. I've cleaned motorcycle engine parts using baijiu. On a hot enough day, you can even use it as starter fluid for your car.