Kayakers get a close encounter with a basking shark

The waters of West Cork, Ireland, offered more than just a tranquil kayaking trip for two friends, Louise Barker and Becky Hatchett. Their leisurely paddle soon became a once-in-a-lifetime experience when a curious basking shark decided to gently bump their double kayak.

Barker caught the surprise meeting on video, sharing it on Twitter with the caption: "Had a little bump from a curious basking shark off the west Cork coast yesterday. What a stunning creature."

In the footage, you can really hear the fear in Barker's voice as the shark quickly approaches their kayak. Despite the initial shock, Barker was quick to appreciate the magnificence of the creature. She described the experience as "pretty surreal,"'" admiring the gentle giant that had graced them with its unexpected presence. (Digg)


Ms Barker, a publicist and music manager, told PA news agency: "It was a pretty surreal experience having this curious guy pop up next to us. Such a gentle giant.