Striking writers hold rally and dance party in downtown Los Angeles

In a show of solidarity with other unions, the Writers Guild held a rally across from the Arena featuring speakers from the WGA, SEIU, SAG-AFTRA, and Teamsters unions, followed by a march down Figueroa to LA Live. The rally drew a crowd of thousands and ended in a dance party.

Once again impressing the crowd with her fire and charisma was director of the Teamsters' Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division, Lindsay Dougherty. Ms Dougherty was part of a strong lineup of LA's labor leaders, doing their best to keep the ongoing strike in the news.

Teamsters speaker Lindsay Dougherty with writer Johanna Stein

Credit David Gassman
Photos: Harry Hannigan

At stake are the use of AI by studios, who refused to even discuss it in pre-strike negotiations, as well as the formula for distribution of residual payments to writers. The two sides are not talking at the moment and the strike is expected to go through the summer.

Credit: Harry Hannigan and actor Timothy Simons
Photos: Harry Hannigan

Thins are expected to come to a head after the DGA and SAG-AFTRA contracts expire June 30th and members of these guilds join the WGA in picketing the studios.