These videos of a man painting walls are mesmerizing

Alec, a professional painter who runs "Alec Paints" on TikTok, posts mesmerizing videos of himself painting walls. It's so satisfying to watch his effortlessly perfect edges (he doesn't tapwe off ceilings, which is also my technique when I paint—I find it so much easier and cleaner), and so gratifying to watch the entire process from start to finish condensed into seconds or minutes. Here he is painting a wall red, painting a wall blue, and painting a wall gray.

He also demonstrates painting techniques—like this one where he  perfectly cuts into a ceiling line—and shares painting tips like how to paint around a plate cover, how to cut into a ceiling line, how to prep your wall before painting, and how to get a smooth and even finish using a roller.

He also posts painting ASMR videos, like this one that includes the sound of a paint brush sliding across a wall and dipping into a paint bucket.

I seriously just spent an hour watching someone paint walls. I think I will now close my computer and go outside.