Mark Hamill has some words about his infamous "force kick"

Mark Hamill has decided to finally speak out on his infamous "force kick" from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. 

Can we be honest for a second, folks? I mean, we all love Star Wars here, and we're all among friends, right? Let's ditch the formality for a bit and shoot straight. Return of the Jedi is easily the weakest movie in the original Star Wars trilogy. That isn't to say the film is bad, but is it slightly incongruent with the two movies that precede it? I think the answer is kind of obvious. Search your feelings; you will know it to be true. 

One of the most famous scenes to nitpick when discussing Episode VI's flaws is the battle above the Sarlacc Pit. If you're familiar with the scene, you know about the frequently derided moment where Luke Skywalker "kicks" an opponent without touching them. In a new tweet, Mark Hamill has finally decided to defend the blooper with an explanation that's both comedic and oddly canonical.