Wild footage released of shootout between bus driver and passenger upset he can't get off between stops

A public bus driver in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a passenger aboard the vehicle got into a gun fight on May 18. The shootout sent other passengers fleeing for their lives and resulted in minor injuries for both combatants and charges for the passenger, who initiated the confrontation when the driver refused to drop him off between stops. The driver, who brought a gun to work against policy and used it rather enthusiastically, was suspended and may yet be charged. Footage was released over the weekend.

Tobias then walks away and can be seen pulling a firearm out of his jacket pocket, as two other passengers are visible seated on the bus, before moving back towards the front door of the bus and turning to face the driver. The driver, identified by CATS as David Fullard, then pulls out his own firearm and both exchange rapid gunfire. CATS said it has been unable to determine who fired first. Multiple bullet holes can be seen in a transparent partition that separates the driver from passengers. The driver then stopped the bus and left his seat as Tobias crawled his way toward the rear of the bus. The two bystander passengers had also quickly moved to the rear of the bus during the exchange of gunfire.