YouTuber Jonah Lobe gives an anatomy lesson about a symbiote from Marvel comics

Superhero comic books have their own set of rules and conventions. Sure, the same could be said with every genre in fiction, but superhero comics take the cake when it comes to absurd genre tropes.

We don't even have to get into the black-and-white morality that typically divides characters into rigid binary alignments. Let's just focus on the biology of superheroes. By all accounts, Batman is supposed to be a normal human being. However, despite having an average human lifespan, Bruce Wayne has canonically raised three children without aging a day. To borrow some Gen Z parlance, superheroes are "just built different."

Throughout the history of superhero comics, publishers have created countless encyclopedias to accurately explain every character's specific powers, gadgets, and anatomy. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Jonah Loeb breaks down the history and anatomy of one of the most fascinating species in the Marvel universe: symbiotes.