Donald Trump says he will sign executive order to end birthright citizenship "on day one" (video)

Donald Trump said today that he will sign an executive order to deny automatic citizenship to babies born in the United States whose parents are non-citizens if he becomes president — Constitution be damned.

"On day one, my new term in office, I will sign an executive order making clear to Federal agencies … going forward, the future children of illegal aliens will not receive automatic, U.S. citizenship," the arrested and indicted, former one-term, twice-impeached president announced today.

Of course, this anti-American declaration is nothing new for the one-trick phony, whose few stale "talking points" — the "stolen election," "fake news," Hunter Biden's (yawn) laptop — have been recycled ad nauseam for years and years on end.

His tired talk of illegally overriding the 14th Amendment with just a stroke of a pen is simply an ol' repeat of the same threat he made in 2018. But back then, according to a 2018 Politico article, most on both the left and right said nope, it couldn't legally be done as an executive order. That was then, before Trump encouraged the 2021 Capitol insurrection, and this is now, when Trump, along with Marjorie Taylor Greene and the rest of MAGA's lunatic far-right, dominates everyone else left cowering in the GOP.

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