Huge waves batter Carnival cruise ship as it heads back to Charleston (video)

From afar, massive waves crashing into the cabin window of a Carnival cruise ship are absolutely beautiful. (See video below, shot by k8lyns_mom.)

But for everyone on the ship, which was off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina on Friday after cruising to the Bahamas, it was anything but smooth sailing. "Shit," someone says offscreen in the footage, as they mention objects falling off a counter.

"Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine described shattered glass, water pouring into rooms and hallways, the ship pitching about and a lack of communication from cruise staff," reports CBS News. Fortunately, nobody was badly injured, although some passengers and crew members needed "minor assistance." Which, I'm sure, included a lot of Dramamine.

(Also, check out the damage at bottom of post.)


Carnival Sunshine cruise. We had rough waters our last night! #carnivalcruise #carnivalsunshine #carnivalsunshinecruise

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And a video of the aftermath (posted on TikTok by coastalhorsegirl):

Image: Andrey_Kuzmin /