I am looking forward to the punk opera "Black Lodge"

The musical release for Black Lodge, a genre-bending metal/punk/modern opera by David T. Little and Anne Waldman will be available starting June 2nd via Cantaloupe Music. Featuring music by Timur and the Dime Museum, and Isaura String Quartet, this second video shares a pretty disturbing view into a visually fantastic world.

From the Release:

In the second metal-infused single, "Here, My Severed Digit (Part 2)," the tortured protagonist (Timur) channels a twisted devotion with an undercurrent of dread reminiscent of author William S. Burroughs. As the Dime Museum lays down a hard, lead-thickened rock groove, Timur's vocals soar, and the Isaura String Quartet sends sparks off guitarist Matthew Setzer's power chord onslaught. One can almost hear the "ugly spirit" descend, a catastrophic arrival shown in director Michael Joseph McQuilken's film as a warped game of Russian Roulette initiated by the film's other character, the "Woman," played by Jennifer Harrison Newman, an early project collaborator. Trigger-pull after trigger-pull, the film builds tension alongside Little and Waldman's slithery, unrelenting track. This is operatic heavy metal at its most gnarly, gothy, and sublime.

Featured Image:YouTube/Screengrab