Squirrels cause electricity outage in Silicon Valley city

On Monday morning, thousands of residents of the Silicon Valley city of Santa Clara were left without electricity. It seems squirrels were the culprit for the power outage.


About 143 customers remain without power in Santa Clara following an earlier outage that left thousands without power Monday morning after squirrels chewed through an electric cable, according to Silicon Valley Power. The outage was first reported shortly before 9 a.m. Monday.

The outage, in the western part of the city, impacted some 3,840 customers. "A troubleshooter is responding," the power agency tweeted. Power was soon restored to 1,614 customers, while 2,226 remain without power.

As the agency's troubleshooter continued to investigate, it was learned that the cause of the outage was squirrels that had chewed through an electric cable.

No word on the condition of the squirrels.