The mystery person who spies on theme parks from the sky

@Bioreconstruct is a Twitter account that seems to post almost daily aerial (and ground) photos of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, particularly construction projects.

Here is a photo of the construction of Super Nintendo World, which is part of the upcoming Universal Epic Universe theme park.

It's a tremendous resource for theme park reporters, bloggers and fans, but almost nothing is publicly known about the person behind the account.

Last year, Derek Burgan of Touring Plans celebrated Bioreconstruct's 10 anniversary, with a portfolio of their amazing photography. But even within the insider world of theme park blogging, Bioreconstruct's identity is wholly, deliberately unknown.

[T]he thing I respect possibly the most is Bio's "man of mystery" persona. Despite everyone knowing who he is because of his incredible photography both on the ground and in the air, no one actually knows who he is. In a world of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok, that is incredibly rare. We live in a LOOK AT ME world, but Bio keeps to himself, gives out less-than-zero personal details about his private life, and simply goes about his business producing amazing content on a daily basis.

I reached out to Bioreconstruct via Twitter, and they wrote to me:

What I do is help my friends, the real bloggers, with photos for stories. Years ago it was just easier to share photos in Twitter, they can pick and choose. So I just stay behind the camera. Web slinger instead of a web personality.

I asked them if they are a helicopter or plane pilot, and they replied simply: "A very good customer." They explained how they got into this field, writing:

I've always enjoyed analyzing aerial photos. Became very interested in the construction of Volcano Bay [a water park in Universal Orlando Resort]. Have been taking aerial photos ever since! A very expensive hobby that I enjoy very much.

Their recent work has focused on the massive construction of Universal's Epic Universe, a new theme park that is scheduled to open in Summer 2025.

But of course they're still following Disney theme parks. This is a photo of the upcoming Moana-themed Journey of Water attraction in Disney World's Epcot theme park.