ChatGPT but in the 1980s

In this retro reimagining by Squirrel Monkey, a popular YouTuber known for imagining modern tech in the past, we find ourselves stepping back to the neon-tinted late 1980s. The video humorously features a MS-DOS version of ChatGPT, a nod to a time when computers ran on floppy disks, and the phrase 'Artificial Intelligence' was still confined to the realms of Sci-fi books and movies.

To start messing around with this alt-universe ChatGPT, you're going to need a few '80s essentials: a "very fast" PC (preferably an Intel 286), a minimum of 640KB RAM, a modem for those speedy dial-up connections, a 20MB hard disk drive (considered massive at that time), and the indispensable installation diskettes. Once you've wrestled with the comically tiresome installation process, you can finally engage this alt-ChatGPT with hard-hitting questions that truly test the limits of 1980s AI, such as "What color do you get when you mix blue with red?"

Enjoy this humorous homage to a time when "state-of-the-art" technology was anything but sleek, showcasing a ChatGPT that's more "retro-chic" than "sci-fi slick." (The Awesomer)