Shueisha-the publisher of Shonen Jump- has a new imprint in the works

According to, Jump Toon is a new imprint that Shueisha, the publisher of manga powerhouse Shonen Jump, intends to roll out in the near future.

The global comic book landscape is changing rapidly. In the United States, comic books have suffered catastrophic sales across the board. Consequently, manga has been consistently outselling American comics in the United States for years now. 

However, even though manga is the current global king of comics, their reign is constantly being threatened by the rise of webcomics. Apps like Webtoons, Tappytoons, and others have helped independent comic creators find a sizable and voracious audience. Although the mainstream American comics industry has largely ignored digital comics, Shueisha's Shonen Jump hasn't made the same mistake. 

Three of Shonen Jump's biggest hits(One Punch ManSpy X Family, and Kaiju No 8) all began as digital comics in some shape or form. Now it seems like Shonen Jump is getting ready to offer a new slate of vertical manga, the style associated with phone-based webcomic apps like Webtoons, to compete with its rivals in digital comics. 

Shueisha has announced a new imprint coming under their publishing label, Jump Toon. Expected to launch some time in 2024 in Japan, Jump Toon will be a new manga imprint with plans to use it to craft vertically read manga. Vertical reading has become much more popular across the world in the last few years thanks to successful Webtoons and more, and now it seems like Shueisha is ready to take on their own version of this in the near future.