The DeSantis family are practicing gas station food connoisseurs

In this video of a bizarre campaign stop in Iowa, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey discuss their love of gas station pizza, and which service station chains are the best to eat ing. Casey declares them "connoisseurs" and Rob talks about how pick they are.

Gas station nachos are terrifying. Imagine who'll join the White House Chef and kitchen staff if Ol' Pudding Fingers gets the job!

Raw Story:

"We're gas station connoisseurs," Casey DeSantis agreed.

The couple said they frequented Casey's and Wawa.

"The best one, yeah, I think we have; it's based in Texas," the governor added. "We only have two of them. They're going to build more, is Bucky's. Bucky's is really, really good."

"Bucky's is kind of like Shangri-La with respect to service stations," he said. "So we're very picky. And so we're both big fans of Casey's. We think it's really, really good."

The couple did not take questions from the audience before concluding their talk.

I wonder why they didn't take audience questions on this stuff?