The trailer for Ecumene Aztec has a fantastic premise for a stealth game

There's no shame in being a gamer these days. There have been countless video games that have outgrossed some of the biggest blockbuster films in Hollywood. Part of video games' success stems from the variety of genres that gamers can enjoy, sometimes within the same game. 

One genre in gaming that doesn't get enough attention, pun definitely intended, is the stealth genre. Despite one of gaming's biggest franchises, Metal Gear, emanating from the stealth genre, it often feels like espionage games are routinely overlooked.

However, with the announcement of Ecumene Aztec it looks like stealth games are about to get a badass facelift. In the trailer linked above, you can check out the trailer for the Ecumene Aztec, which allows you to play as an Aztec warrior battling against hordes of Conquistadors. As it stands, it looks like the game is only for PC, but let's hope they'll bring it to consoles eventually.