Artist boldly re-imagines the Arc de Triomphe for Pride 2023

In celebration of 2023 Pride, video artist Ian Padgham has shared "Arc-en-ciel de Triomphe, Paris" (Rainbow of Triumph, Paris). The neat-o animated piece reimagines Paris' historic Arc de Triomphe with a rainbow weaving through and around it. The video follows the rainbow to what looks like an inflatable cloud that reads, "The Marche des Fiertés LGBT" which refers to Paris' Pride parade.

He captioned it:

Happy #pride2023 to everyone, everywhere 🌈 Love is love, you are beautiful, and I am so proud to live in a world where we are fighting so that everyone can live their life exactly as they are 😘

While the artwork might suggest the use of AI, Padgham confirmed that he created the installation using traditional 3D animation techniques and "lots of hand-edited details."

Happy Pride, y'all!

This is the one he made in 2021: